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Calculation of electrical parameters for transient overvoltage studies on electrical machines

ITM, Morelia, Mexico
DOI: 10.1109/IEMDC.2003.1210722 Conference: Electric Machines and Drives Conference, 2003. IEMDC'03. IEEE International, Volume: 3
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT Finite element models are developed for the calculation of the coil resistance, inductance and capacitance in rotating machine windings. Resistance and inductance are calculated by analyzing the time harmonic fields in the machine, taking into account skin and proximity effects as well as the magnetic flux penetration into the iron core. The capacitance is calculated by the analysis of the electrostatic field in the coil regions. The electrical parameters are obtained considering the contributions due to the slot and overhang sections of a preformed coil. The accuracy of the calculated electrical parameters was verified by a comparison of calculated results and test data in two high voltage motors. The calculated parameters can be used for developing machine winding models for switching transient studies.

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    ABSTRACT: Simulation models allowing the determination of the overvoltages at the motor's terminals are presented. Since these overvoltages are due to both the fronts and to the reflection phenomenon, the modeling of the machine and cable is achieved at an adequate time scale by using a lossy transmission line approach. The diffusive representation, a recently developed mathematical tool, is used for the simulation in the time domain of the inverter-cable-machine association.
    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics 02/2009; · 5.17 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Parasitic capacitances of motor play a very important role in analysis of bearing current of motor caused by PWM supply. In previous papers, parasitic capacitances generally were acquired from two-dimension symmetry model of motor. The effect of stator winding-end on coupling capacitance was ignored. In this paper, mechanism of common-mode voltage was introduced and equivalent circuit of common-mode of motor was proposed. Relationship between parasitic capacitances and bearing voltage was figured out. 2D and 3D Finite-Element model of motor were established based on geometric dimension of motor respectively which includes with winding-end treatment and not. It's found that length of extended straight part of stator winding and height of squirrel-cage ring are two main factors which can affect Csr dramatically. Optimized analysis of Csr based on the two factors was also carried out and optimized group of parameters had been obtained to make Csr achive the minimum value.
    Electrical Machines and Systems (ICEMS), 2012 15th International Conference on; 01/2012
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    ABSTRACT: In order to investigate the propagation of partial discharge pulses in transformer winding, the simulation model of a 180 turns continuous disc type transformer winding based on multi-conductor transmission line (MTL) theory is constructed. According to the symmetry of windings, a 2D equivalent finite element model is set up under ANSYS environment. A modified method is proposed to calculate the K matrix that decrease distinctly calculation cost without loss of accuracy. For the evaluation of L and R parameter of transformer with iron core in MHz frequency area, the skin effect of conductors and iron area is taken into consideration. The frequency-dependent parameters are calculated first by time harmonic magnetic field analysis. The proposed methods of calculating parameters are helpful to research on propagation characteristic of partial discharge (PD) pulses in electric equipments.
    Computer and Electrical Engineering, International Conference on. 01/2008;