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TMOES: a CORBA service middleware enabling high-level real-time object programming

DREAM Lab., California Univ., Irvine, CA
DOI: 10.1109/ISADS.2001.917436 Conference: Autonomous Decentralized Systems, 2001. Proceedings. 5th International Symposium on
Source: DBLP

ABSTRACT Extending the CORBA programming and execution environments to
support real-time distributed applications is a subject of growing
interest to both research and industry. The time-triggered message
triggered object (TMO) programming scheme has been established to remove
the severe limitations of conventional object structuring techniques in
developing real-time distributed applications. To facilitate the
construction of TMO-structured real-time distributed applications
consisting of CORBA-compliant components, a middleware named TMO
Execution Support (TMOES) has been created. TMOES instantiations
residing in cooperating computing nodes also communicate among
themselves only via ORBs conforming to the standard specifications.
TMOES instantiations cooperate among themselves to support timely
execution of TMO methods and interactions among remote TMOs. This paper
presents the architecture and an implementation model of TMOES



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