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Genetic algorithm for optimal open-loop distribution network design in competitive pool

Dept. of Power Syst., Zagreb Univ.
DOI: 10.1109/AFRCON.1999.821904 Conference: Africon, 1999 IEEE, Volume: 2
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT The paper presents the Computer Aided Design of Distribution
Network (CADDiN) application based on geographic information system
(GIS) and genetic algorithms designed to improve the planning of major
investment in open-loop distribution network over the coming years. The
system allows the planner to identify, from load forecast, data on the
existing distribution system and all future projects, the projects to be
undertaken together with the commissioning year, in such a way that the
investment and maintenance costs, as well as cost of losses are
minimized over a planning horizon. The application has been tested with
real size distribution systems achieving optimal designs in reasonable
CPU times compared with respect to the dimensions of such distribution

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    ABSTRACT: In this paper, an advanced method for the planning of open-loop medium voltage (MV) distribution network is proposed. The multiobjective planning model is constructed, and a special multiobjective genetic algorithm (MOGA) is designed based on the network dataset built by component geographical information systems (ComGIS). The network analysis function of the ComGIS is embedded in the overall optimization process to find single-loop optimal paths. Crossover and mutation operator are designed according to characteristics of the coding. The evolutionary orientation is directed by the fitness function based on Pareto order of individuals. The Pareto optimal set (POS) including several candidate planning schemes is gotten through MOGA, from which the recommended scheme is selected. The method has been applied to real life power distribution networks, showing its potential in practical applications.
    Electric Utility Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies, 2008. DRPT 2008. Third International Conference on; 01/2008
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    ABSTRACT: As the limit of the current distribution automation system, much running data of distribution network can not be measured, this brings much trouble to the calculation of distribution network running state. This paper combines time sequence prediction algorithm and average power coefficient, and suggests an estimation method of distribution network running state, which based on the load measuring and control system. It has been proved to be able to get running data of distribution network precisely.
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    ABSTRACT: A solution of switch operation ticket system is proposed to improve its versatility and maintainability. The object oriented expression mode is used in the single line chart modeling to realize its automatic initialization. The manual operation ticket generation is implemented by equipment selection and operation selection. According to the operating rules of distribution network, the reasonable verification against misoperation is carried out. Like the way of experts' thinking, the system separates the primary equipment operation from the secondary equipment operation and realizes the automatic operation ticket generation. The layered operating rule templates are adopted, the operating rules are classified according to equipment type and saved in database, and the excellent man-machine interface is provided for modification. The system is convenient for ticket generation, easy to be maintained, and works accurately, which has been successfully applied to a municipal distribution network.
    Electric Information and Control Engineering (ICEICE), 2011 International Conference on; 05/2011