Follicular fluid high density lipoprotein-associated micronutrient levels are associated with embryo fragmentation during IVF

Department of Biotechnical and Clinical Laboratory Sciences, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, 26 Cary Hall, 3435 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14214, USA.
Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics (Impact Factor: 1.77). 11/2009; 26(11-12):557-60. DOI: 10.1007/s10815-009-9367-x
Source: PubMed

ABSTRACT To investigate whether follicular fluid lipid-soluble micronutrients are associated with embryo morphology parameters during IVF.
Follicle fluid and oocytes were obtained prospectively from 81 women. Embryo morphology parameters were used as surrogate markers of oocyte health. HDL lipids and lipid-soluble micronutrients were analyzed by high-pressure liquid chromatography. Non-parametric bi-variate analysis and multivariable ordinal logistic regression models were employed to examine associations between biochemical and embryo morphology parameters.
Follicular fluid HDL cholesterol (r = -0.47, p < 0.01), alpha-tocopherol (r = -0.41, p < 0.01), delta-tocopherol (r = -0.38, p < 0.05) and beta-cryptoxanthine (r = -0.42, p < 0.01) are negatively correlated with embryo fragmentation. Ordinal logistic regression models indicate that a 0.1 mumol/L increase in beta-cryptoxanthine, adjusted for gamma-tocopherol, is associated with a 75% decrease in the cumulative odds of higher embryo fragmentation (p = 0.010).
Follicular fluid HDL micronutrients may play an important role in the development of the human oocyte as evident by embryo fragmentation during IVF.

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