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Neural network identification and characterization of digital satellite channels: application to fault detection

Nat. Polytech. Inst. of Toulouse;
DOI: 10.1109/ICC.1997.594987 Conference: Communications, 1997. ICC 97 Montreal, 'Towards the Knowledge Millennium'. 1997 IEEE International Conference on, Volume: 3
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT The paper proposes a neural network technique to adaptively model
and characterize digital satellite channels. The neural network model
allows to identify each component of the channel by the use of the
channel input-output signals as learning data. This technique was
applied to fault detection in digital satellite links, especially those
arising in on-board devices. The paper gives simulation examples of
changes in the on-board filter characteristics. Our adaptive method
allows to determine the origins of the changes and gives the new
characteristics of the channel

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    ABSTRACT: Simple two-parameter formulas are presented for the functions involved in the amplitude-phase and the quadrature nonlinear models of a TWT amplifier, and are shown to fit measured data very well. Also, a closed-form expression is derived for the output signal of a TWT amplifier excited by two phase-modulated carriers, and an expression containing a single integral is given when more than two such earriers are involved. Finally, a frequencydependent quadrature model is proposed whose parameters are obtainable from single-tone measurements.
    IEEE Transactions on Communications 12/1981; · 1.75 Impact Factor