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High speed offset free distance relaying algorithm using multilayer feedforward neural networks

Dept. of Electr. Eng., Myongji Univ., Yongin
DOI: 10.1109/ISAP.1996.501070 Conference: Intelligent Systems Applications to Power Systems, 1996. Proceedings, ISAP '96., International Conference on
Source: IEEE Xplore


A new high-speed digital distance relaying algorithm using
artificial neural networks is presented. The proposed artificial neural
network models are trained with the input patterns of distorted voltage
and current signals passed a lowpass filter and with the target patterns
of real and imaginary components of DC-offset free current and voltage
signals conditioned by a DC-offset removing algorithm. The artificial
neural networks play the roles of a DC-offset removing filter and a
Fourier filter. In accordance with a series of tests, the relay
operating time is less than 9 ms after faults in a 80 km, 154 kV, 60 Hz
overhead transmission line system

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    ABSTRACT: This paper presents an artificial neural network (ANN) based approach to improve the performance of distance relaying algorithm. The proposed distance relay uses amplitudes of voltages and currents signals to learn the hidden relationship existing in the input patterns. Simulation studies are preformed and the influence of changing system parameters such as fault resistance and source impedance is studied. Details of the design procedure and the results of performance studies with the proposed relay are given in the paper. Various simulation studies are performed and capabilities of the extended algorithm are investigated. Performance studies results show that the proposed algorithm is very accurate. Some of the simulation results are presented in the paper
    Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems, 2004 IEEE Conference on; 02/2004
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    ABSTRACT: This research paper study the performance of distance relays setting based analytic (AM) and artificial neural network (ANN) method for a 400 kV high voltage transmission line in Eastern Algerian transmission networks at Sonelgaz Group compensated by series Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) i.e. Thyristor Controlled Series Reactor (TCSR) connected at midpoint of the electrical transmission line. The facts are used for controlling transmission voltage, power flow, reactive power, and damping of power system oscillations in high power transfer levels. This paper studies the effects of TCSR insertion on the total impedance of a transmission line protected by distance relay and the modified setting zone protection in capacitive and inductive boost mode for three zones. Two different techniques have been investigated in order to prevent circuit breaker nuisance tripping to improve the performances of the distance relay protection.
    12/2012; 4(12):75-78. DOI:10.5815/ijisa.2012.12.10,