Radiowave propagation research in the tropics using a transportablemultiparameter radar system

Radio Commun. Unit, Rutherford Appleton Lab., Chilton;
Electronics &Communications Engineering Journal 03/1998; 10(1):4-16.
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT Although accurate models for Earth-space microwave propagation, based on extensive measured data, exist for temperate regions of the world, this is not the case for the tropics. With the proliferation of satellite communications in these areas, it has become important to test the validity of currently recommended techniques for calculating circuit availability and co-channel interference levels due to attenuation by precipitation and scattering from precipitation, respectively. Multiparameter radar measurements, employing both polarimetric and Doppler techniques and made over a significant period of time on a statistically-valid basis, provide an ideal tool for these investigations. The paper describes the design considerations for, and construction of such a radar. A selection of its data products are presented, illustrating its potential for radio propagation and meteorological research