An Integrator-Backstepping-Based Dynamic Surface Control Method for a Two-Axis Piezoelectric Micropositioning Stage

Nat. Dong Hwa Univ., Hualien
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology (Impact Factor: 2.52). 10/2007; DOI: 10.1109/TCST.2006.890290
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT In this paper, an integrator-backstepping-based dynamic surface control method for a two-axis piezoelectric micropositioning stage is proposed. First, according to the dynamics of motion of a mechanical mass-spring system, mathematical equations that contain a linear viscous friction, a varied elasticity with cross-coupling effect due to mechanical bending, and dynamics of a hysteresis variable is proposed to describe the motion dynamics of the two-axis piezopositioning stage. Next, from the equations, a state-space model in which the applied voltage to the stage is defined as an output of an integrator is derived. On the basis of this state-space model, the integrator-backstepping-based dynamic surface control is proposed. By using the proposed control method to trajectory tracking of the two-axis piezopositioning stage, the dynamic performance, robustness to parameter variations, and trajectory tracking error can be improved. Experimental results of the time responses from the computer-controlled two-axis piezopositioning stage illustrate the validity of the proposed control method for practical applications in trajectory tracking.