Magnetoresistive heads for helical-scan tape systems

Res. Center, Sony Corp., Yokohama
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics (Impact Factor: 1.39). 04/1999; 35(2):729 - 733. DOI: 10.1109/20.750636
Source: IEEE Xplore


In this paper, the helical-scan tape systems using the shielded MR
heads will be discussed. We studied the issues related to the head/tape
contact including the thermal asperity and the head wear. The study
suggests that these issues can be resolved to the allowable level in the
practical system. In this study, we have successfully demonstrated a
high recording density using MR heads in these systems

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    ABSTRACT: Not Available
    Magnetics Conference, 1999. Digest of INTERMAG 99. 1999 IEEE International; 06/1999
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    ABSTRACT: In high-density recording in helical-scanning tape systems, MR head-wear caused by contact between the head and the tape is a critical item. We examine a method of measuring MR head-wear which can be calculated in terms of MR head resistance. We then compare wear as determined by the micro-indentation technique and this method. We then use this measuring method to investigate MR head-wear and gap recession depth using a variety of tapes. We found that by optimizing the asperity of advanced ME tape with a protective layer, MR head-wear can be reduced
    IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 10/1999; 35(5-35):2379 - 2381. DOI:10.1109/20.800831 · 1.39 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: We discuss the possibility of attaining more than 1 Gb/in<sup>2</sup> recording in helical scanning tape storage system based on obliquely oriented metal evaporated tapes. A demonstration of 1 Gb/in<sup>2</sup> recording using an inductive MIG type head is described. Other experimental results show that the obliquely oriented Co-O tapes are endowed with recording resolution potential beyond several Gb/in<sup>2</sup>, but playback signal-to-noise challenges still remain. Applying more sensitive magneto-resistive heads in the helical scanning tape system requires significant innovation in the system to overcome crucial issues of contact recording as well as re-optimization of the magnetic properties of the tape.
    IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 02/2000; 36(1-36):183 - 188. DOI:10.1109/20.824446 · 1.39 Impact Factor
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