The absorption and reradiation of radio waves by oxygen and water vapor in the atmosphere

University of Texas, Austin, TX, USA
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation (Impact Factor: 2.46). 08/1975; DOI: 10.1109/TAP.1975.1141104
Source: IEEE Xplore

ABSTRACT This is a brief review paper on the interaction of radio waves with oxygen and water vapor in the atmosphere. It is the first of a series of mini-reviews sponsored by the Wave Propagation Standards Committee of IEEE and is intended primarily for those persons who have not had occasion to study extensively in the subject.

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    ABSTRACT: A number of techniques are now available for the characterization of solid surfaces using an Optical Laser Microscope (OLM). It has firmly established its role in industry and elsewhere for routing high-resolution studies of surface structure and topography. One of the most common operations in machine vision is finding the connected components in an image. In this work, a component-labeling algorithm will find all connected components in an image and assigns a unique label to all points in the same component. After capturing the image from OLM, various grains features were extracted at the first step and shipped to the second step for the final statistical analysis, performed with the aid of MATLAB software. The raster graphics is used to visualize the surface data which is one of the best techniques that has occupied computer graphics analysis. All observable features in material sample can be counted and measured with the aid of the (computerized optical laser microscope).
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    ABSTRACT: Since publication of the International Cumulative Index on Radar Systems in these Transactions in 1975, substantial additional listings on European and Soviet radar papers and books have been obtained, and a further two years' work in IEEE and other indexed jourmals has appeared. The principal sources of papers are listed with the abbreviations used in the index. Other journals, cited infrequently, are abbreviated as in the INSPEC Electrical and Electronics Abstracts, from which many references were obtained. Abstracts of most listed papers may be found by locating the authors in the appropriate INSPEC semiannual index, which gives the month and serial number of the abstract and also identifies fully the source journal, if the abbreviation used here is obscure. Many additional texts on radar, from US., European and Soviet sources, have been listed, chiefly under the heading General and Historical. Translations into English of books and papers published in other languages are indicated were available. The second portion of this index consists of a crossreference list by authors, covering all entries in the 1975 Index and in this update. After each author's name appears the subject classification and year of the paper or book For a complete citation of a paper published prior to 1975, the earlier index should be consulted, except for items marked by an asterisk, which are included in this update. All 1975 and 1976 items, of course, are in the update.
    IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems 01/1977; AES-13(3):i-42. DOI:10.1109/TAES.1977.308406 · 1.39 Impact Factor