Pseudotumor inflamatorio pleural múltiple.

Revista Neumosur, ISSN 0214-6266, Vol. 20, Nº. 4, 2008, pags. 211-213 01/2008;
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The calcifying fibrous multiple pleural pseudotumor is a rare lesion, which has been recently incorporated into the medical literature. Is one of the benign tumours which appears in children, soft tissues and serous locations (peritoneal and pleural). The pathogenesis origin has not been clearly established yet. There are not many bibliographic references of this type in literature. Those cases already published, were discovered in young population and have good prognostic. The treatment to be selected is surgical. We here in below present the case of a 23 years old patient, which shown- in a thorax radiography taken during the study of a cronica lumbalgia after several months of evolution- a right para-vertebral tumoracion in mediastino posterior El pseudotumor inflamatorio pleural múltiple es una rara entidad, recientemente descrita en la literatura. Es uno de los tumores benignos que se manifiestan en niños, y aparecen en tejidos blandos y serosas, como pleura y peritoneo. Su patogénesis no esta bien establecida. Existen pocas referencias bibliográficas de esta entidad. Los casos publicados, se suelen diagnosticar en gente joven y tienen buen pronóstico. El tratamiento de elección es la cirugía. Presentamos un caso de un paciente de 23 años, que mostraba en una radiografía de tórax, realizada en el estudio de una lumbalgia crónica de meses de evolución, una tumoración para vertebral derecha en mediastino posterior.

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    ABSTRACT: An inflammatory pseudotumour of the lung in an achondroplastic woman is described. The occurrence of both conditions in the same patient probably represents a coincidental finding. However, recurrent pulmonary infections, as frequently seen in achondroplasia, may be relevant, because a history of antecedent infection is noted in one third of cases of inflammatory pseudotumours. Despite extensive debridement of the pseudotumour by neodymium yttrium aluminium garnet (NdYAG) laser therapy, early recurrence occurred.
    European Respiratory Journal 05/1994; 7(4):826-8. DOI:10.1183/09031936.94.07040826 · 7.64 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: A newly recognized distinctive fibrous soft tissue lesion called "calcifying fibrous pseudotumor" (CFPT) was recently described in the soft tissues of the extremities, trunk, scrotum, groin, neck, or axilla. To date, CFPT has not been described in the pleura. The authors reviewed the clinical, radiologic, and pathologic features of three cases. A 23-year old woman and 34-year old man who presented with chest pain, and a 28-year old woman without chest symptoms were found to have a pleural mass on chest radiographs. Computed tomography (CT) scans of each patient revealed pleural-based nodular masses with central areas of increased attenuation due to calcifications. Each lesions consisted of circumscribed, but unencapsulated masses of hyalinized collagenous fibrotic tissue interspersed with lymphoplasmacytic infiltrates and calcifications, many of which had psammomatous features. The lesions were limited to the pleura and did not involve the underlying lung parenchyma. Electron microscopy in one case showed fibroblasts scattered in dense collagenous tissue. Calcifying fibrous pseudotumor is distinct from other pleural lesions such as fibrous tumor of pleura, calcified granulomas, calcified pleural plaques, and chronic fibrous pleuritis as well as intrapulmonary lesions such as hyalinizing granuloma, inflammatory pseudotumor, and amyloid. As in the soft tissues, local excision appears adequate therapy for CFPT of the pleura. If these lesions behave in a similar fashion to CFPT of soft tissues, one might expect a low frequency of local recurrence.
    American Journal of Clinical Pathology 03/1996; 105(2):189-94. · 2.51 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Our goal was to describe the radiologic features of calcifying fibrous pseudotumor (CEPT) of pleura. Chest radiographs and CT images of three patients, aged 23-34 years, with pathologically proven CFPT of pleura were reviewed with regard to lesion size, location, and appearance. Chest radiographs showed well marginated, noncalcified pleural masses in all cases. Two patients had solitary masses and one had multifocal ipsilateral masses. All masses were located in the inferior aspect of the chest and measured 3-12 cm. All masses were calcified on CT. The calcifications were thick and band-like in two cases and punctate in one. There was no chest wall invasion, pleural effusion, or parenchymal disease. CFPTs of pleura are rare lesions that manifest as calcified pleural masses in young adults.
    Journal of Computer Assisted Tomography 09/1996; 20(5):763-5. DOI:10.1097/00004728-199609000-00014 · 1.41 Impact Factor
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