[Endometrial cancer: preoperative staging. The informative value of ultrasound study versus magnetic resonance imaging]


to prospectively study and compare the capacities of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound study (USS) in the preoperative assessment of the extent of endometrial cancer.

Subjects and methods:
The study covered 50 patients with FIGO stages IA-IIIA endometrial cancer. A week before surgery, all the patients underwent small pelvic MRI and USS. The results of MRI and USS were compared with the data of a postoperative histological study.

The diagnostic value of MRI in preoperatively assessing the local extent of endometrial cancer was 82%, including its sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy; the prognostic value of a positive result and a negative one was as much as 94 and 56%, respectively. The accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity of USS were 70, 72, and 64%, respectively. Its prognostic value of a positive result and a negative one was 84 and 47%, respectively.

In this study, MRI versus USS showed a higher diagnostic efficiency in the preoperative staging in patients with endometrial cancer. The former promotes the optimization of assessment of the local extent of the tumor, including the depth of myometrial invasion and the spread into the cervix uteri, which affects the algorithm and policy of treatment for endometrial cancer.

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