¿A qué se le denomina talento?: Estado del arte acerca de su conceptualización

Intangible Capital, ISSN 1697-981, null 2, Nº. 1, 2006, pags. 72-163 01/2006;
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ABSTRACT La sociedad del conocimiento le otorga un papel destacado a las potencialidades humanas en las organizaciones. Por esta razón, ha emergido la gestión del talento y la guerra por él. Pero, para poner en práctica programas en las empresas, es necesario conocer qué es. En este artículo, se analizan diferentes puntos de vista sobre el tema. El mismo es parte de las investigaciones que realiza en la actualidad. [Palabras clave: talento, inteligencia, creatividad, gestión del

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    ABSTRACT: Acting faster and faster, depending on shared knowledge and competing in complex, global and diverse scenarios are some of the critical requirements of the new economy environment where leaders will have to get by. In this complex and demanding scenario, those who occupy the posts involving a greater deal of responsibility inside the organizations will have to gradually assume new functions that permit those organizations’ continuity and growth. Managerial development, integrated in the human resources function, is the tool that can contribute to prepare leaders so that they can acquire or develop the competencies required to meet the demands of these new roles. In this paper, we are going to analyze how it is possible to achieve the best results in the task of developing leaders. For this purpose, we will firstly present as a starting point a framework based on strategic principles for managerial development which have to be assumed before taking action and, after which we will propose the operational means which allow us to go beyond what has so far constituted the content of the organizational practices in this field. Our intentions are: reducing the level of complexity perceived about the concept itself and about its tools; including the most relevant managerial development contents; presenting an orderly, consistent process which can guide future interventions in this field. At present, and even though we think that the contribution made in this paper will help introduce significant improvements in managerial development practices, there are still quite a few pending issues that we will gradually have to solve if we want to be able to make progress.
    Human Resource Management in the Digital Economy: Creating Synergy between Competency Models and Information, Edited by S. De Juana, J. A. Fernández, E. Manresa y J. Valdes, 01/2012: chapter Leadership talent development in the new economy: pages 258-289; IGI GLOBAL, USA., ISBN: 978-1-61350-207-5


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