Ley Organica de Procedimientos Administrativos

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    ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study is to undertake a juridic analysis of bank privacy from the constitutional point of view, considering the same as a fundamental facet of legal privacy. However, since all rights have limitations and are relative, even constitutional laws, this is understood. The methodology employed was normative legal analysis that contemplates or limits banking rights. The conclusion is that banking secrecy is included in the right to reserve information, which in isolation has no significance, but which could shed light on activities that a person may want to remain private, o reveal as the case may be. Also, the bank secret without doubt is necessary in order to protect personal information apart from patrimonial information. This banking secret right could be limited when it is related to a person who is in public office. The surveillance of public officials could justify access to information in a limited form only and exclusively in relation to tax information, basically income. This basic rights limitation should respect the essential content of the law as well as be reasonable and necessary