Fiziološka faza matičnog stabla kao čimbenik rizogeneze masline

Pomologia Croatica (; Vol.12 No.2 01/2006;
Source: OAI


The process of rhisogenesis is highly dependent on appropriate time sampling of olive cuttings. With the aim of determining the most convenient time for olive cutting sampling in the rooting process, an experiment with three domestic olive cultivars: Levantinka, Drobnica and Istarska bjelica, was conducted . Their cuttings were collected and put to root during July, August and Semptember. The best rooting results were obtained with the cuttings collected during Semptember, but poor results were obtained with cuttings taken in July. There was no significant differences in the root number and length developed from cuttings collected in different time period, although the highest value was obtained in Semptember.

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Available from: Milan Poljak, Oct 10, 2015
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