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ABSTRACT The role of worker motivation is very important in improving construction productivity. In order to increase the motivation, it is essential for management to understand needs of the workers as well as factors motivating and demotivating. This paper aims to determine the needs level, motivators, and demotivators of construction workers in Surabaya based on Maslow and Herzbergâs theories. For the methodology, the study conducted a questionnaire survey, and 263 workers participated in the survey. It is found out that the workers are still at the physiological needs level. Good salary and safety programs are two most important motivators for workers, whereas two most important demotivators are bad treatment by supervisor and insufficient material availability. The paper discusses the findings and proposes solutions to increase workers motivation.

Abstract in Bahasa Indonesia :

Motivasi kerja memiliki peranan yang penting dalam peningkatan produktifitas dalam industri konstruksi. Untuk dapat meningkatkan motivasi kerja pekerja perlu diketahui kebutuhan pekerja pada saat ini, serta pemahaman motivator dan demotivator pekerja oleh supervisor. Berdasarkan latar belakang ini, penelitian ini ditujukan untuk menentukan tingkat kebutuhan, motivator dan demotivator pekerja konstruksi. Untuk tujuan tersebut digunakan dua teori motivasi, yaitu teori Maslow dan teori Herzberg, dan dilakukan survei di beberapa proyek konstruksi di Surabaya dengan menggunakan kuesioner. Secara keseluruhan, 263 orang pekerja berpartisipasi dalam penelitian ini. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa pekerja konstruksi di Surabaya masih berada pada level physiological needs. Upah yang baik dan program keselamatan kerja yang baik menempati posisi tertingi sebagai motivator bagi pekerja. Sedangkan demotivator terpenting bagi pekerja adalah perlakuan yang buruk oleh atasan dan ketersediaan material yang kurang baik. Makalah ini membahas hasil yang didapatkan dan memberikan beberapa usulan untuk meningkatkan motivasi pekerja.

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  • Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 09/1983; 109(3). DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)0733-9364(1983)109:3(321) · 0.84 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: A sectoral analysis of the construction industry in Indonesia indicates that it has grown considerably in recent years. Efforts are under way to adapt to this new situation, including exploring ways to increase productivity. A survey of top contractors indicates that certain functions including procurement practices, cost control, scheduling and management integration need much improvement. A survey of top design professionals indicates that they are concerned about design practices, computer utilization in planning and scheduling activities, and goal setting techniques. There seem to be conflicting opinions regarding the construction management project delivery system. Both contractors and design professionals are willing to cooperate in any productivity enhancement programme but neither are willing to fund such activities.
    Construction Management and Economics 01/1996; 14(1):13-24. DOI:10.1080/01446199600000003 · 0.80 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: Having identified the main problems influencing construction workers' productivity in a preceding study, Bldg Environ. 22, 4 (1987), workers on seven sites were approached through questionnaire surveys and interviews to identify and rank probable motivation influences should the main restrictions on productivity be removed and if pay is adequate and regular. Their responses identified the highest ranking motivators on the surveyed sites as fringe benefits, good relationship with mates and challenging tasks; while the highest ranking demotivators were disrespect by supervisors, lack of recognition of effort and urging productivity but not following it up with adequate management action.
    Building and Environment 01/1988; 23(3):179–185. DOI:10.1016/0360-1323(88)90002-9 · 3.34 Impact Factor


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