Botanicals in skin care products.

University of Miami Cosmetic Group, Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, Miami Heart Institute, Miami Beach, Florida 33140, USA.
International journal of dermatology (Impact Factor: 1.18). 10/2009; 48(9):923-34. DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-4632.2009.04081.x
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    ABSTRACT: Exposure of human skin to sunlight is steadily rising. Complete protection against the detrimental effects of sun exposure requires strategies that have to include protection against all harmful wavelengths. Importantly, detrimental effects are not limited to the ultraviolet part of the solar spectrum but include near infrared as well. In order to achieve complete photoprotection it is mandatory to combine chemical and physical UV filters with molecules that can interfere with and/or prevent the detrimental effects of infrared-A radiation. Mitochondrially targeted antioxidants of synthetic as well as of natural origin are a promising approach to achieve this.
    Expert Review of Dermatology 11/2010; 5(6):627-631.
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    ABSTRACT: Biologic agents were introduced during the past decade as a new class of treatments for chronic psoriasis. These agents provide therapeutic alternatives to traditional topical and systemic therapies. Alefacept, the first such biologic agent, was approved by the US FDA in January 2003 for the treatment of chronic plaque psoriasis. This review will discuss data from clinical trials that have provided new insights into the efficacy, safety, and cost effectiveness of alefacept as a treatment for psoriasis.
    Skin therapy letter 04/2010; 15(4):1-3.
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    12/2011; , ISBN: 978-953-307-424-5