Acta Colombiana de Psicologia 01/2008;
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In this paper, the quality of primary education in Mexico is dealt with A longitudinal study was carried out with the aim of analyzing the process of development for various mathematical skills with .rst grade students; 169 students from a low social and cultural stratum participated. An instrument referred to criteria and based on task analysis was used to analyze the errors and the correct responses throughout the 2004-2005 school year Results show that students had enrolled with previous academic de.ciencies and developed some skills; however, the levels of mathematical skills were still low at the end of the school term. The implications of these results are discussed and some alternatives for education based on a behavioural model of psychological development are proposed

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    ABSTRACT: En esta entrevista, el Dr. Reimers presenta algunos planteamientos sobre la necesidad de garantizar igualdad de oportunidades educativas para los niños de grupos sociales que están por debajo de la línea de la pobreza. Se hace un análisis de los factores escolares, familiares y sociales que afectan la igualdad de oportunidades educativas para los niños de bajos recursos en América Latina. Se presentan algunas líneas de análisis que ayudan a estructurar un marco para el diseño de políticas que puedan incrementar sus oportunidades educativas.
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    ABSTRACT: This chapter presents an account of how research on the development of mathematical thinking has been applied to the practice of mathematics education. The chapter first offers a brief history of the field and then gives a summary of key aspects of contemporary research. Next, the chapter turns to a discussion of three applications: (a) mathematics textbooks, (b) teacher development, and (c) techniques of assessment. The chapter ends with a discussion of the ways in which research gets translated into practice; a reflection on both the power and the limitations of contemporary research for purposes of application; and a proposal concerning the vital role that psychological research should play in the education of teachers, which is arguably one of the key problems--if not the central problem--of American education. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)
  • La super-visión escolar de la educación primaria. . 567-574.