Desempeño docente y su relación con orientación a la meta, estrategias de aprendizaje y autoeficacia: un estudio con maestros de primaria de Lima, Perú

Universitas Psychologica (Impact Factor: 0.4). 01/2008;
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ABSTRACT The objective was to study the relationship between goal orientation,learning strategies, self efficacy and perception of teaching performance in elementary teachers in Metropolitan Lima. The sample consisted of 313 teachers from the various UGEL (Lima’s Educative Management Units), 224 women and 89 men. The instruments used in the study were: the Teacher Orientation Questionnaire (PALS, 1997, 2000), the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire (MSQL, 1991), the Teacher’s Perceived Efficacy Scale by Tschannen-Moran and Woolfolk (2001) and the Teaching Performance Self-Report Questionnaire (Fernández, 2002). The results indicate the existence of positive relationships among the studied variables. The results are discussed according to the goals of the study.

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    ABSTRACT: International journals are considered more prestigious and with more quality than national ones, although the meaning of this had not been established until recently. Moreover, internationality has been used as a criterion to make important decisions, for example to assess the performance of scientists, universities, doctoral degree programs, and so on, without knowing the exact meaning of internationality. Thus, the current study uses the criteria of internationality established by a survey on more than 16,000 scientists from all over the world to create an Internationality Index of multidisciplinary psychology journals published in Ibero-America and included in the Web of Science. Results show that the most international journal is Revista Latinoamericana de Psicología, followed by The Spanish Journal of Psychology, Psicothema and Universitas Psychologica. All the journals fulfill the criteria for internationality and the study provides very important results which will allow its increase.
    Universitas Psychologica 01/2010; 9(1):27-34. · 0.40 Impact Factor
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    1a 01/2011; Universidad de Guadalajara.
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    ABSTRACT: The objective of this study was to evaluate the strategies of verbal communication, nonverbal communication and avoidance of communication barriers that shows the physical education teacher on the intrinsic motivation of their students. 214 students of Compulsory Secondary Education in physical education classes participated in the study. The Communication Scale in Physical Education (ECEF) and the Avoidance Scale of Communication Barriers in Physical Education (EEBCEF), were designed and validated for this study. The intrinsic motivation was also measured. The results of the analysis of psychometric properties of the two new scales were appropriate, so it can initially be considered valid and reliable instruments. The linear regression analysis showed that the use of strategies to avoid communication barriers is the construct that greater predictive power seems to have on intrinsic motivation of students.
    Universitas Psychologica 09/2012; 11(3):957-967. · 0.40 Impact Factor


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