Antecedents and consequences of identification with virtual teams: structural characteristics and justice concerns

The Journal of E-working 01/2007;
Source: DOAJ

ABSTRACT This research examined the antecedents and consequences of identification with virtualteams. Specifically, we hypothesized that two structural characteristics (number of faceto-face meetings and task interdependence) and perceived quality of interaction(procedural and distributive justice) would be positively related to identification with thevirtual team. A further hypothesis was that team identification would have a positiverelationship to extra-role behaviors towards the virtual team. The results from our study,based on a sample of 102 employees of Finnish-based companies, gave partial support forthese hypotheses. We found that task interdependence and procedural justice werepositively related to team identification. Moreover, team identification mediated therelationship between task interdependence and extra-role behaviors and the relationshipbetween procedural justice and extra-role behaviors as we predicted. We discuss ourfindings in terms of research on virtual teams, social identity, and organizational justice.


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