Approach to one lung ventilation during the surgical resection of an intrathoracic ganglioneuroblastoma in a three-year-old child: A case report and review of the literature

Acta anaesthesiologica Belgica 07/2014; 65(1):45-9.
Source: PubMed


One lung ventilation (OLV) in children is a challenge and requires creative solutions. A case of OLV with bronchial placement of a fiberscope inspection-guided vascular embolectomy catheter in a three-year-old girl, scheduled for the resection of an intrathoracic tumor through thoracotomy is described. The availability of a broad range of vascular catheters as well as of fiberscope inspection material was decisive in managing the airway intra-operatively. Over the last 20 years, the need for OLV in children has increased, and various methods for performing it have been reported. Knowing all existing strategies in that domain is important to provide optimal perioperative care. In this paper, several methods of OLV in children will be discussed, such as selective endobronchial intubation, types of bronchial blockers, Univent tube, pediatric double lumen tubes, as well as the Marraro double lumen tube.

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