Extraordinary optical reflection from sub-wavelength cylinder arrays.

Optics Express (Impact Factor: 3.53). 06/2006; 14(9):3730-7. DOI: 10.1364/OE.14.003730
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ABSTRACT A multiple scattering analysis of the reflectance of a periodic array of sub-wavelength cylinders is presented. The optical properties and their dependence on wavelength, geometrical parameters and cylinder dielectric constant are analytically derived for both s- and p-polarized waves. In absence of Mie resonances and surface (plasmon) modes, and for positive cylinder polarizabilities, the reflectance presents sharp peaks close to the onset of new diffraction modes (Rayleigh frequencies). At the lowest resonance frequency, and in the absence of absorption, the wave is perfectly reflected even for vanishingly small cylinder radii.

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    ABSTRACT: We consider the two-dimensional (2-D) scattering of the H- and E-polarized plane waves by several discrete configurations made of M> > 1 periodically arranged circular cylindrical silver wires. To find the scattered field, we use the field Fourier expansions in local coordinates and addition theorems for cylindrical functions. Resulting M × M block-type matrix equation is cast to the Fredholm second-kind form that guarantees convergence of numerical solution when each block is truncated to finite dimensions and truncation order is taken larger. The scattering and absorption cross-sections and the near-field patterns are computed. The interplay of plasmon and grating-type resonances is studied for finite in-line and stacked arrays, corners, and crosses made of nano-size silver wires in the visible range of wavelengths, with the refractive index of silver taken from the experimental data.
    Plasmonics 04/2014; 9(2):389-407. · 2.74 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The electromagnetic properties of a silver nanowire grating embedded into a dielectric slab are investigated, using a Maxwellian formalism, to determine and distinguish effects caused by the structure periodicity and by the presence of silver wires which entail plasmon resonances. The interaction of these two effects gives an opportunity to control the qualitative characteristics of the plasmon resonance while the variation of the slab refractive index allows managing its wavelength.
    Electronics and Nanotechnology (ELNANO), 2013 IEEE XXXIII International Scientific Conference; 01/2013
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    ABSTRACT: We consider the problem of the H-polarized plane wave scattering by a linear chain of silver nanowires in a cloud of similar arbitrarily located wires, in the visible range. Numerical solution uses the field expansions in local coordinates and addition theorems for cylindrical functions and has a guaranteed convergence. The total scattering cross-sections and near-zone and far-zone field patterns are presented. The observed resonance effects are studied and compared with their counterparts in the scattering by the same linear chain of wires in free space.
    2013 IEEE 12th International Conference on Laser and Fiber-Optical Networks Modeling (LFNM); 09/2013

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