The forensic psychosocial study as a subsidy for the juridical decision in the situation of sexual abuse

Psicologia Teoria e Pesquisa 06/2008; 24(2):161-169. DOI: 10.1590/S0102-37722008000200005


This research aimed at deepen knowledge in the Psychology/Law interface, involving an intrafamiliar violence situation. We tried to know the way of thinking of the various actors who participated in the decisions related to a process of sexual abuse committed by a father against two daughters. The context was a criminal court and the method was the case study. The analysis of the results followed the guidelines of the In-Depth Hermeneutics. The results were discussed in accordance with three sets of comprehension of the forensic psychosocial study function: To whom it serves? , When it must be made? And what subsidizes the judicial process: the evaluation report or the study? We came to the conclusion that it is necessary to promote the interaction among the various actors who complement their decisions in order to increase the comprehension of the reality surrounding the situations of familiar violence so that the judicial context may participate in the promotion of citizenship in these cases.

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    ABSTRACT: We discuss the matter of the complementarity between Psychology and Law. The text focus on the forensic psychosocial study of a custody request by a father over his daughter and involves connection with drugs traffic. This study provides an opportunity for the redemption of the value of Justice as an appropriate moment so that hidden meanings of family conflicts are clarified. The question is how the Psychosocial Area can guarantee the best interest of the child? We indicate the conception of father of the family, as the one who has a place and social responsibility. Justice claims for this father.
    Fractal Revista de Psicologia 04/2009; 21(1):151-162.
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    ABSTRACT: This article discusses, based on the experiences of psychosocial professionals from the "Family Support Services with Civil Action of the Court of Justice in the Federal District and Territories", the relations of power that exist in the family, psychosocial and juridical fields, based on authors of Family Therapy, Juridical Psychology and Sociology that underpin the issues presented. The Lorena case illustrates the power that exists in these relations and in the interrelationships of different social fields, when her maternal and paternal grandparents dispute her custody in court. Even though the psychosocial team has an interest in sharing knowledge with the Legal professionals, it was seen that the power that permeates the fields mentioned here only partially addressed the decision in the litigation. In terms of the future of the family, the effectiveness of the psychosocial workers and the participation of Justice in these disputes are addressed at the end of the paper.
    Estudos de Psicologia (Campinas) 12/2010; 27(4):553-561. DOI:10.1590/S0103-166X2010000400013

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