Soybean inoculation by spraying Bradyrhizobium over plants

Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira (Impact Factor: 0.58). 04/2008; 43(4):541-544. DOI: 10.1590/S0100-204X2008000400014


The objective of this work was to evaluate a Bradyrhizobium inoculation method on soybean by spraying inoculant over plants. An experiment was conducted in the Cerrado of Roraima. Treatments tested were: control without inoculation; standard inoculation method with two doses of inoculant per hectare applied on seeds; inoculation with threefold standard inoculation dose applied 18 days after plants emergence (DAE); fertilization with 200 kg ha-1 of nitrogen, without inoculation. The inoculation by spraying on covering increased nodulation and plant dry matter in the 45 and 60 DAE. It also increased significantly grain yield and N content, similarly to N fertilization treatment, and was superior to the control, and inferior to the standard inoculation related to grain yield.

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