Completely Reducible SL(2)-Homomorphisms

Transactions of the American Mathematical Society (Impact Factor: 1.02). 01/2007; 359(9):4489-4510. DOI: 10.2307/20161784
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ABSTRACT Let K be any field, and let G be a semisimple group over K. Suppose the characteristic of K is positive and is very good for G. We describe all group scheme homomorphisms φ: SL₂ → G whose image is geometrically G-completely reducible-or G-cr-in the sense of Serre; the description resembles that of irreducible modules given by Steinberg's tensor product theorem. In case K is algebraically closed and G is simple, the result proved here was previously obtained by Liebeck and Seitz using different methods. A recent result shows the Lie algebra of the image of φ to be geometrically G-cr; this plays an important role in our proof.

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    ABSTRACT: Let G be a connected reductive algebraic group over an algebraically closed field k. In a recent paper, Bate, Martin, R\"ohrle and Tange show that every (smooth) subgroup of G is separable provided that the characteristic of k is very good for G. Here separability of a subgroup means that its scheme-theoretic centralizer in G is smooth. Serre suggested extending this result to arbitrary, possibly non-smooth, subgroup schemes of G. The aim of this note is to prove this more general result. Moreover, we provide a condition on the characteristic of k that is necessary and sufficient for the smoothness of all centralizers in G. We finally relate this condition to other standard hypotheses on connected reductive groups.
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    ABSTRACT: Let G be a reductive linear algebraic group over an algebraically closed field of characteristic p > 0. A subgroup of G is said to be separable in G if its global and infinitesimal centralizers have the same dimension. We study the interaction between the notion of separability and Serre's concept of G-complete reducibility for subgroups of G. The separability hypothesis appears in many general theorems concerning G-complete reducibility. We demonstrate that many of these results fail without this hypothesis. On the other hand, we prove that if G is a connected reductive group and p is very good for G, then any subgroup of G is separable; we deduce that under these hypotheses on G, a subgroup H of G is G-completely reducible provided the Lie algebra of G is semisimple as an H-module. Recently, Guralnick has proved that if H is a reductive subgroup of G and C is a conjugacy class of G, then the intersection of C and H is a finite union of H-conjugacy classes. For generic p -- when certain extra hypotheses hold, including separability -- this follows from a well-known tangent space argument due to Richardson, but in general, it rests on Lusztig's deep result that a connected reductive group has only finitely many unipotent conjugacy classes. We show that the analogue of Guralnick's result is false if one considers conjugacy classes of n-tuples of elements from H for n > 1.
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    ABSTRACT: Let G be a semisimple algebraic group over a field K whose characteristic is very good for G, and let sigma be any G-equivariant isomorphism from the nilpotent variety to the unipotent variety; the map sigma is known as a Springer isomorphism. Let y in G(K), let Y in Lie(G)(K), and write C_y = C_G(y) and C_Y= C_G(Y) for the centralizers. We show that the center of C_y and the center of C_Y are smooth group schemes over K. The existence of a Springer isomorphism is used to treat the crucial cases where y is unipotent and where Y is nilpotent. Now suppose G to be quasisplit, and write C for the centralizer of a rational regular nilpotent element. We obtain a description of the normalizer N_G(C) of C, and we show that the automorphism of Lie(C) determined by the differential of sigma at zero is a scalar multiple of the identity; these results verify observations of J-P. Serre.
    Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 07/2009; 213(7):1346–1363. · 0.53 Impact Factor


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