Conference Paper

Recurrence intervals of abnormally high tides by superposition of storm surges over astronomical tides.

Conference: Specialty conference of the technical council on ocean engineering.., At Newark, De, Volume: Civil Engineering in the Oceans III


Fundamental problems confronting the engineer engaged in design of shore protection works are (a) determination of the expected recurrence interval of a specified water level and (b) estimation of the highest water level to be expected in a given interval of time. Tide levels due to astronomical influence are mathematically predictable. Excessively high tides may, however, result from barometric pressure differential, storm winds and combination of the two. Storm tides are not true tides. They are essentially a storm generated wave piling up on a lee shore. In the work presented here it is assumed that the phenomena of storm tides are due solely to wind effects.

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Available from: Raymond K De Young, Jan 01, 2014