Derivation and double shuffle relations for multiple zeta values

Compositio Mathematica (Impact Factor: 1.02). 03/2006; 142(02). DOI: 10.1112/S0010437X0500182X
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ABSTRACT Derivation and extended double shuffle (EDS) relations for multiple zeta values (MZVs) are proved. Related algebraic structures of MZVs, as well as a version of EDS relations are also studied.

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    ABSTRACT: A typical formula of multiple zeta values is the sum formula which expresses a Riemann zeta value as a sum of all multiple zeta values of fixed weight and depth. Recently weighted sum formulas, which are weighted analogues of the sum formula, have been studied by many people. In this paper, we give two formulas of weighted sums with two parameters of multiple zeta values. As applications of the formulas, we find some linear combinations of multiple zeta values which can be expressed as polynomials of usual zeta values with coefficients in the rational polynomial ring generated by the two parameters, and obtain some identities for weighted sums of multiple zeta values.
    International Journal of Number Theory 09/2012; 08(08). · 0.35 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: The Broadhurst-Kreimer (BK) conjecture describes the Hilbert series of a bigraded Lie algebra A related to the multizeta values. Brown proposed a conjectural description of the homology of this Lie algebra (homological conjecture (HC)), and showed it implies the BK conjecture. We show that a part of HC is equivalent to a presentation of A, and that the remaining part of HC is equivalent to a weaker statement. Finally, we prove that granted the first part of HC, the remaining part of HC is equivalent to either of the following equivalent statements: (a) the vanishing of the third homology group of a Lie algebra with quadratic presentation, constructed out of the period polynomials of modular forms; (b) the koszulity of the enveloping algebra of this Lie algebra.
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    ABSTRACT: Multiple zeta values (MZVs) are generalizations of Riemann zeta values at positive integers to multiple variable setting. These values can be further generalized to level $N$ multiple polylog values by evaluating multiple polylogs at $N$-th roots of unity. In this paper, we consider another level $N$ generalization by restricting the indices in the iterated sums defining MZVs to congruences classes modulo $N$, which we call the MZVs at level $N$. The goals of this paper are two-fold. First, we shall lay down the theoretical foundations of these values such as their regularizations and double shuffle relations. Second, we will generalize the multiple divisor functions (MDFs) defined by Bachman and K\"uhn to arbitrary level $N$ and study their relations to MZVs at level $N$. These functions are all $q$-series and similar to MZVs, they have both weight and depth filtrations. But unlike that of MZVs, the product of MDFs usually has mixed weights; however, after projecting to the highest weight we can obtain an algebra homomorphism from MDFs to MZVs. Moreover, the image of the derivation $\mathfrak{D}=q\frac{d}{dq}$ on MDFs vanishes on the MZV side, which gives rise to many nontrivial $\mathbb{Q}$-linear relations. In a sequel to this paper, we plan to investigate the nature of these relations.


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