Association of TAP1 and TAP2 Gene Polymorphisms with Hematological Malignancies

Department of Biology, Section of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey E-mail : .
Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention: APJCP (Impact Factor: 2.51). 09/2013; 14(9):5213-7. DOI: 10.7314/APJCP.2013.14.9.5213
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Transporter associated with antigen presenting (TAP) 1 and TAP2 genes are localized in the major histocompatability complex (MHC) class II region and form a heterodimer playing a key role in endogenous pathways for antigen presentation. Defects of these genes have been reported to be common in different types of cancer. Polymorphisms identified in these loci have also been investigated and reported to be associated with several autoimmune disorders, viral infections and neoplasms. In the present study, for the first time, the allele and genotype frequencies of TAP1-333, TAP2-565, TAP2-651 and TAP2-665 were determined in patients with hematological malignancies (HM) using a PCR-RFLP method and compared with the frequencies in the control group. Our results suggested an association of TAP1-333 polymorphism with multiple myeloma-MM and TAP2- 565 polymorphism with chronic lymphoid leukemia-CLL. In addition, it could be concluded that the TAP2-665 GG genotype might be a risk factor for all types of hematological malignancies included in this study.

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