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Pensamento Computacional e Educação Matemática: Relações para o Ensino de Computação na Educação Básica

Conference: XX Workshop sobre Educação em Computração (WEI), At Curitiba

ABSTRACT The pervasiveness of computer devices in everyday situations poses a fundamental question about Computer Sciences as being part of those known as basic sciences. By doing this, it would be straightforward to consider it to be taught in initial series – not exactly the computation as a technique, but instead as a way of organizing thinking and problem solving. Under this perspective, there are inherent relationships among the knowledge, skills and attitudes that emanate from this field and those ones commonly related to Math. This paper aims to discuss this relationship by presenting a mapping between skills defined in the Brazilian Curriculum Guidelines and activities aimed at developing Computation Thinking skills described in the literature. By doing this, some challenges for education in Computer Sciences are identified.



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May 28, 2014