Kokuraichthys tokuriki n. gen. and sp., Early Cretaceous osteoglossomorph fish in Kyushu, Japan.

Bulletin of Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History, Ser. A 01/2013; 11:67-72.


Kokuraichthys tokuriki is described from the Early Cretaceous Dobaru Formation of the Wakino Subgroup, Kitakyushu in the northern part of Kyushu, Japan, as a new genus and species of Osteoglossomorpha. This new species is considered to be more closely related to Hiodontiformes or Lycopteriformes than Osteoglossiformes because it has a single epural and no neural spine on the first ural centrum. Although it has significantly fewer vertebrae (36 or 37), K. tokuriki is tentatively assigned to Hiodontiformes because of the long anal fin base, the anterior position of the dorsal fin and the reduced neural spine on the first preural centrum.

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