Effective lifetimes of B s decays and their constraints on the Bs0-bar{B}s0 mixing parameters

European Physical Journal C (Impact Factor: 5.44). 09/2011; 71(11). DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-011-1789-9

ABSTRACT Measurements of the effective lifetimes of B s -meson decays, which only require untagged rate analyses, allow us to probe the width difference Delta Gamma s and the CP-violating phase varphi s of B0s-bar{B}0s mixing. We point out that the dependence of the effective lifetime on non-linear terms in Delta Gamma s allows for a determination of varphi s and Delta Gamma s given a pair of B s decays into CP-even and CP-odd final states. Using recent lifetime measurements of B0sto K+K- and B0sto J/psi f0(980) decays, we illustrate this method and show how it complements the constraints in the varphi s -Delta Gamma s plane from other observables.



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