Skojarzone leczenie endowaskularne i chirurgiczne pourazowych krwawień z nosa

Otolaryngologia polska. The Polish otolaryngology 12/2008; 62(3):311-315. DOI: 10.1016/S0030-6657(08)70261-0


We report on two cases of patients, in whom endovascular embolization of the maxillary artery and next surgical ligation of the anterior ethmoidal artery was performed due to post-traumatic intracrable epistaxis. In those patients, conservative treatment failed, hence endovascular embolization was made. Due to persisted bleeding, right anterior ethmoidal artery were surgically ligated in both patients. After the procedures, bleeding completely stopped.

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    ABSTRACT: This paper considers low dimensional (more precisely, one state variable) dynamic optimisation problems of competitive agents. These individual decisions lead to a dynamic externality for the evolution of the system. However, the impact of an individual and competitive agent is negligible and thus each agent considers this evolution as exogenous data. This leads, assuming rational expectations (perfect foresight due to the deterministic set up), to motions in the three dimensional space of state, costate and externality. Considering the fact that such externalities are widespread, e.g., R&D in the literature on new growth theory, pollution in environmental economics, etc., the incorporation of such externalities due to competitive markets is important, yet this incorporation may alter the stability of the system. Indeed, complex policies such as stable limit cycles are sustainable in such a low-dimensional economy, even for a separable and strictly concave model.
    Journal of Evolutionary Economics 01/1997; 7(1):73-89. DOI:10.1007/s001910050035 · 1.00 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: This paper studies the patterns of growth in an endogenous-growth model where the labor supply is endogenous and sustained growth arises because the services derived from public capital increase the economic productivity. It is assumed that these services are congested by the number of households in the economy but they are not congested by the units of time that each household devotes to work. With this assumption, the dynamic equilibrium exhibits multiple balanced-growth paths, local and global indeterminacy, and limit cycles under some plausible fiscal policies. Our analysis points out that a large lump-sum tax is a necessary condition to obtain this complex equilibrium dynamic behavior.
    Journal of Economics 02/2000; 71(3):255-280. DOI:10.1007/BF01228743 · 0.58 Impact Factor
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    ABSTRACT: In this paper we consider a Ramsey-type aggregate model with general preferences and technology, endogenous labor and factor-specific productive external effects arising from average capital and labor. First, we show that indeterminacy cannot arise when there are only capital externalities but that it does when there are only labor external effects. Second, we prove that only the additively-separable and linear homogeneous specifications for the utility function allow to get local indeterminacy under small externalities and plausible restrictions on the main parameters. Third, we show that the existence of sunspot fluctuations is intimately related to the occurrence of periodic cycles through a Hopf bifurcation.
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