M. Worku (2010). Prevalence and distribution survey of an invasive alien weed (Parthenium hysterophorus L.) in Sheka zone, Southwestern Ethiopia. African Journal of Agricultural Research 5(9): 922-927.

African journal of agricultural research (Impact Factor: 0.08). 01/2010; 5(9):922-927.

ABSTRACT Parthenium hysterophorus L, an invasive annual weed, is originated in tropical America and spread to Asia, Australia and Africa. In Ethiopia, it appeared first in Harrarghie in the 1970’s and it later spread to central, northern, southeastern and southern Ethiopia. Currently, it is spreading to Southwestern Ethiopia, but its prevalence and distribution has not been assessed and documented. So, a survey on its prevalence and distribution, awareness of its effects, and control measures taken was carried out in three ‘woredas’ (districts) of Sheka Zone, southwestern Ethiopia. The survey was carried out in 2001 using a questionnaire completed by Agricultural professionals and visual observations. Since 1999, P. hysterophorus was observed mostly on market places, road sides, and arable and waste lands of some areas of Yeki Woreda but not in the other Woredas. Almost all respondents knew about its invasiveness and adverse effects, and were able to identify it from other weeds. In different woredas of the zone, different mechanical control measures, teaching of the community and reporting to higher offices were attempted so far in order to minimize its further spread and adverse effects on ecology. However, more efforts and all combinations of possible preventive measures are needed to control its further invasions in the region.

Key words: Parthenium hysterophorus, weed, survey, prevalence, distribution.

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Aug 3, 2014