Encouraging Environmentally Appropriate Behavior: The Role of Intrinsic Motivation

Journal of Environmental Systems 01/1986; 15(4):1-1. DOI: 10.2190/3FWV-4WM0-R6MC-2URB
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    ABSTRACT: What are the effects of consumer perceptions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities on consumer loyalty? Based on a model introduced by Lee et al (2012) the paper is about to investigate the effects of CSR Communication on consumer loyalty.
    The 2nd International CSR Communication Conference, Aarhus; 09/2013
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    ABSTRACT: Many studies have used Richins and Dawson’s (J Consum Res 19: 303–316, 1992) Material Values Scale (MVS), applying it to different types of populations that exhibit a particular psychometric behavior, and showing little stability in their factorial structure. In the present study, 1,070 pedagogy students from the northern, central and southern regions of Chile answered the MVS. This sample was randomly divided in two. Using the first sub-sample (N = 539), an exploratory factorial analysis was carried out, from which a structure of nine items was grouped into two factors called “Social Success” and “Personal Happiness”, which presented adequate reliability. Later, with the second sub-sample (N = 531), the factorial structure indicated above was put to the test through a confirmatory factorial analysis. The data from the model show that the scale contains 8 items in total, grouped into two dimensions. The factorial loads are significant at the level of 1 %, which indicates that the 2-factor structure can be confirmed. Finally—using the proposed structure—the presence of the students’ material values was evaluated.
    Social Indicators Research 06/2014; · 1.26 Impact Factor
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