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Seafarer Women -Perception of the Seafaring Career

Conference: WSEAS / NAUN 2nd International Conference on Economics, Political and Law Science (EPLS '13), Volume: Advances in Fiscal, Political and Law Science

ABSTRACT Seafarer women represent a very small percentage of the world's maritime workforce. In the conditions of an expected shortage of seafarers, women represent an untapped human resource in seafaring that has to be attracted to join the maritime sector. This paper includes a study that presents the perception of women regarding their main motivation and factors of influence for choosing a maritime career, the most likely to happen problems in their career offshore and motives of quiting this job.

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    ABSTRACT: Because of women's acceptance on board merchant vessels, their presence in the maritime university area is no longer looked at with scepticism. In the last few years, in Constanta Maritime University one can easily notice that the hardest working students during faculty years were women. This is one of the reasons why the great majority of them distinguished themselves as future lecturers and therefore university's administration offered them the opportunity to teach various maritime courses. This is why today most of the young assistants in our university are females. In this paper we are trying to show that women represent the new generation of maritime engineering teachers as they are the ones that quit sailing much earlier than men and try to find a proper "lady like" land job. Due to its influence and special status in the city and because of the high number of students, Constanta Maritime University managed to persuade these women to accept teaching both general knowledge and maritime engineering subjects.
  • Women Seafarers: Solution to Shortage of Competent Officers?. . 397-400.
  • Motivation of Joining Women in the Maritime Sector. .


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May 17, 2014