Recent Expansions in an Emergent Novel Drug Delivery Technology: Emulgel.

Rungta College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, Kohka- Kurud Road, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, India. Electronic address: .
Journal of Controlled Release (Impact Factor: 7.63). 07/2013; DOI: 10.1016/j.jconrel.2013.06.030
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ABSTRACT Emulgel is an emerging topical drug delivery system to which if more effort is paid towards its formulation & development with more number of topically effective drugs it will prove a boon for derma care & cosmetology. Emulgels are either emulsion of oil in water or water in oil type, which is gelled by mixing it with gelling agent. Incorporation of emulsion into gel increases its stability & makes it a dual control release system. Due to lack of excess oily bases & insoluble excipients, it shows better drug release as compared to other topical drug delivery system. Presence of gel phase makes it a non greasy & favors good patient compliance. These reviews gives knowledge about Emulgel including its properties, advantages, formulation considerations, and its recent advances in research field. All factors such as selection of gelling agent, oil agent, emulsifiers influencing the stability and efficacy of Emulgel are discussed. All justifications are described in accordance with the research work carried out by various scientists. These brief reviews on formulation method has been included. Current researched that work carried out on Emulgel are also discussed and highlighted the wide utility of Emulgel in topical drug delivery system. After the vast study, it can be concluded that the Emulgels appear better & effective drug delivery system as compared to other topical drug delivery system. The comprehensive analysis of rheological and release properties will provide an insight into the potential usage of Emulgel formulation as drug delivery system.

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    ABSTRACT: As compared to gel and other topical preparations microemulgel has been prepared by screening of oils, emulsifier, and co-emulsifier on bases of solubility of API in it. So API has high solubility and oil may also have more or less pharmacological property, so may assist therapeutic action of API. Due to oil portion was present; it leads to more penetration of API in skin. Oil Micelle Size was less than 500 nm which provides more area for absorption of API in skin so more penetration and more effective than micro-emulsion. Microemulgel has advantage of emulgel that has dual benefits of micro-emulsion and gel and several the other desirable properties like good consistency, thyrotrophic, greaseless, easily spreadable as well as removable, emollient, non-staining, water soluble, longer shelf-life, bio-friendly, transparent, pleasant appearance, ability of patients for self-medication and termination of medications will be easy etc.
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