Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of a Cycloidal Speed Reducer

Journal of Mechanical Design - J MECH DESIGN 01/2008; 130(11). DOI: 10.1115/1.2978342
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    ABSTRACT: The number of women with vulvar carcinoma located in the anterior fourchette in immediate proximity to the urethral opening has increased. A retrospective analysis was performed in order to evaluate the risk of urinary incontinence after tumor-resection, standard inguinal lymphadenectomy and additional partial urethral resection. Between 2002 and 2007, 19 women with vulvar carcinomas located close to the urethral opening and consequently treated by additional partial urethral resection of up to 1.5 cm, were evaluated for urinary loss postoperatively by standard incontinence questionnaire. All patients complaining about some kind of urinary loss underwent urodynamic measurement. Results were compared with 21 controls (women with anterior vulvar cancer treated without urethral resection). Five of 19 women (26%) of the study group complained about urinary disturbances and received urodynamic evaluation. Ninety-five percent of the patients (18/19 women) were continent by urodynamic criteria; in one woman the measurement was unreliable. One patient in the control group (1/21 women) complained of an increase of urge symptoms that had been present preoperatively. Twenty-six percent of our patients after partial urethral resection reported incontinence symptoms, though this was not always confirmed by urodynamics. We conclude that the risk of urinary stress incontinence after partial urethral resection in anterior vulvar carcinoma is acceptable.
    European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology 09/2010; 154(1):108-12. · 1.97 Impact Factor
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    Journal of Mechanical Design - J MECH DESIGN. 01/2010; 132(2).
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    ABSTRACT: Rapid prototyping is a technology using a CAD/CAM, and a molding machine, which manufactures a prototype model rapidly. Since it can make products with complex shapes of three dimensions, the cost and time for development is reduced. It is convenient in the production of a wide range of prototypes, particularly in a product's development. The purpose of our research was to manufacture an effective motor reducer to develop a robot with high mobility. To achieve this, it was necessary both to reduce the weight of the robot using a 3D processing machine and a 3D molding machine, and to develop a robot with high rigidity. In this paper, a cyclo gear reducer was developed using the rapid prototyping. The cyclo gear reducer has a deceleration ratio of engagement that is two and three times higher than the usual involute gears. Also, the transmission efficiency of the cyclo gear reducer is usually designed to be high, which means that it is usually difficult to achieve precision in gear teeth, such as those of the spur wheel and involute gear of the planetary gear, using resin material. Since the curved shape of the teeth used in an epitrochoid gear are not sharp, the gear and gear box can be made using a simple 3D processing machine even if the material has low rigidity, as in the case of plastics. Furthermore, we are planning to develop the cyclo gear reducer that can semi-continuously change the deceleration ratio by installing the mechanism where the slide moves along the direction of the rotation axis in the epitrochoid gear, as one of the applications of the cyclo gear reducer.