[The occipital encephaloceles: report of 16 cases].

Service de Neurochirurgie, CHU Fann de Dakar.
Le Mali médical 02/2007; 22(2):54-7.
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The encephaloceles belong to dysraphic state abnormalities. Publications on this issue are rare and sparse in Africa. The aim of our study is to describe clinical patterns of occipital encephaloceles, and emphasize on surgery. We collect retrospectively a population of 16 patients. Cranial Ultrasound Echographia has been done for all of them. Only 3 patients got brain CT scan. Medium age was 2 months. The sex ratio was coted 1. The consanguinity was noted in 37% of the cases. The pedicular aspects were more frequent. With neuroimaging studies the diagnosis was reached everytime. It showed hydrocephalus on 3 patients. 15 patients have been operated. One dead before going to surgery. The outcome was good for 13 patients (81%). But 3 patients (18%) deaded, and among them, 2 deaded during post surgery period. A better clinical evaluation showed be done using MRI. The control of epidemiology of these conditions depend on the improvement of the quality of eating in particularly in women bearing child, and performing a genetic counseling.

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