Paradigms and research programs in the study of teaching: A contemporary perspective

  • 01/2013: pages 147-163;
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    ABSTRACT: Abstract: Background: In reference to the anthropological theory of teaching of Chevallard, teacher's knowledge proved by his actions and his words. Our research questions "implicit thoughts" as determinants of teaching practices of gymnastic teachers. Aims: This study includes a qualitative analysis which aims to identify first the teaching practices of Tunisian and French gymnastic university teachers (TFGUT) and check in a second time the relationship between teaching practices teachers and their gymnastic "implicit thoughts. "Method: It's a descriptive /exploratory methodology based on observation and video recorded with twelve 12 sessions lasting one hour each and twelve semi structured interviews (40 minutes each) and gave teachers the opportunity to share their perspectives on broad topics such as education, teaching, and society, and also on more succinct topics such as individual students and situations that had occurred in previous lessons. Data collection: Data were collected during 7 months of observations and interviews with twelve TFGUT including 6 Tunisians and 6 French. They all teach not mixed class in Level1 (first year, BAC+1). Result: TFGUT justify their teaching practices by the fact that the level of the students did not allow them to integrate science into the practice gym sessions. Conclusion: We ask later if our culture still steeped in the dichotomy "between theory and practice" can promote joint that positivism has promoted in the West in the late nineteenth century.
    International Journal of Research & Method in Education 09/2013; 2(2):17-24.
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    ABSTRACT: This paper addresses the question on how to develop prospective teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge in the field of modelling mechanical wave propagation. We focus on the central issue of the relationships between observable phenomena and their interpretation and/or explanation in terms of microscopic characteristics and behaviours of media. This paper reports an empirical study developed an a course for pre-service teacher preparation.