Distribution of Pheromermis pachysoma (Mermithidae) Determined by Paratenic Invertebrate Hosts.

Journal of nematology (Impact Factor: 0.69). 08/1981; 13(3):421-4.
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    ABSTRACT: Ants can serve as developmental, definitive, intermediate, or carrier hosts of a variety of nematodes. Parasitic ant nematodes include members of the families Mermithidae, Tetradonematidae, Allantonematidae, Seuratidae, Physalopteridae, Steinernematidae, and Heterorhabditidae. Those nematodes that are phoretically associated with ants, internally or externally, are represented by the Rhabditidae, Diplogastridae, and Panagrolaimidae. Fossils of mermithids, tetradonematids, allantonematids, and diplogastrids associated with ants show the evolutionary history of these relationships, some of which date back to the Eocene (40 mya).
    Psyche A Journal of Entomology 01/2012; 2012. DOI:10.1155/2012/192017