An impulse test technique with application to acoustic measurements

Journal of Sound and Vibration (Impact Factor: 1.61). 04/1979; DOI:10.1016/0022-460X(80)90319-3
Source: NTRS

ABSTRACT A method has been presented for measuring the acoustic properties of an absorbent material and a duct/nozzle system (with or without airflow) using a high voltage spark discharge as an impulse source of sound. The cross-spectra of the incident, reflected and transmitted acoustic pressure transients are analyzed by way of a FFT digital processor in the form of complex transfer functions. These transfer functions have a direct relationship to the termination impedance and radiation directivity. The impulse method has been justified by comparisons, with data obtained from existing methods (both experimental and theoretical), that show excellent agreement. Reflection coefficients and radiation impedances of various duct-nozzle systems and their associated far-field directivities are also presented as some of the applications of the impulse technique.

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