Pressure Oxidative Leaching of Molybdenite in Alkaline Media. Autoclave processing of low-grade molybdenite concentrates. (2nd Report)

Shigen-to-Sozai 01/2001; 117(1):72-76. DOI: 10.2473/shigentosozai.117.72
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    ABSTRACT: The leaching results of bismuth sulfide concentrate containing molybdenum and tungsten in air-H2O2-NaOH system, pressure-O2-Na2CO3 system and pressure-O2-NaOH system were investigated. The results show that the extraction of molybdenum, tungsten and sulfur goes up with the increase of NaOH concentration, oxygen partial pressure and reaction time. The extraction of molybdenum and tungsten also rises up with temperature, but the leaching ratio of sulfur increases initially to a peak of 98% at 150°C and then decreases with the increase of temperature. Under the optimal conditions, the extraction of molybdenum, tungsten and sulfur is more than 95.6%, 93.8% and 96.0%, respectively, and the main phases of residue are Bi2O3 and Fe2O3. Therefore, the method of pressure leaching in alkaline solution is provided as an effective separation of molybdenum, tungsten and sulfur from bismuth and a beneficial pretreatment for consequent process.
    12/2012; 19(12). DOI:10.1007/s11771-012-1419-1