Significaciones de la sexualidad y salud reproductiva en adolescentes de Bogotá

Salud publica de Mexico (Impact Factor: 0.94). 01/2007; 49(1).


Objective. To describe and understand the meanings that adolescents give to sexuality and how they are created and influence adolescents' reproductive health and sexual prac- tices. Material and Methods. The research was conduct- ed in three different regions within Bogotá city. Twenty focus groups were selected and 20 life stories of boys and girls between 10 and 14 years old were transcribed. From in- ductive and deductive categorization of the transcripts of the oral histories, an interpretative analysis was carried out in order to generate concepts and relations that comprise plausible hypotheses about the meanings that circulate in the adolescents' symbolic universe. Results. There are no- table differences between the meanings that boys and girls give to sexuality, the ways in which such meanings are cre- ated, and the factors that contribute to its configuration. These findings imply dissimilar constructions related with reproductive and sexual health risks. Conclusions. The cultural constructions resulting from sexual differences that is, gender suggest the meanings that are given to sexuality in the groups studied and define ways of interacting with the social environment. Girls relate sexuality with repro- duction and they experience it as negative. For boys, the possibility of a positive and pleasant experience of sexuality exists, marked by a context that encourages having sexual relations as a way of maintaining manhood.

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