The clinico-pathological patterns of odontogenic tumors: a retrospective analysis over eight years (1994-2002)

Thesis for: Master degree in oral pathology, Advisor: A. M. Idris, A. M. Sulieman

ABSTRACT Specific objectives: The aim of the present study was to analyze retrospectively the clinico-pathologic characters of odontogenic tumors in Sudanese patients.
Materials: The records of (n=144) patients with histologically confirmed odontogenic tumors during the period 1994 –2002, were retrieved from various hospitals. Information including age, sex, site of tumor, symptoms, signs and their duration was obtained. Paraffin blocks of the same patients were retrieved from the National Health Laboratory and El Zahrawi Laboratory. Sections (5 μm thick) from these blocks were prepared and stained by Hematoxylin and Eosin for re-evaluation.
Methods: The clinical and histological data was analyzed and assessed according to the Histological Typing of Odontogenic Tumors, WHO 1992 (3).
Results: Ameloblastoma was the most common odontogenic tumor (96 cases, 66.6%), followed by odontogenic myxoma (12 cases, 8.3%), adenomatoid odontogenic tumor (8 cases, 5.5%), ameloblastic fibroma (8 cases, 5.5%), and odontogenic fibroma (4 cases, 2.7%). Odontogenic myxoma showed a pronounced male predilection (male: female, 5:1). However, adenomatoid odontogenic tumor showed female predilection and presented more lately than other reported cases. The only squamous odontogenic tumor in this series showed extensive invasion of the maxilla and the deeper intracranial region.
Conclusion: This study documented the relative frequency and the clinico-pathological patterns of (n=144) odontogenic tumors during the period 1994 –2002. Statistical analysis showed that ameloblastoma was by far the most common tumor. The odontogenic myxoma, adenomatoid odontogenic tumor, and squamous odontogenic tumor show unique clinico-pathological patterns that probably could be peculiar to Sudanese patients. A further study in the tumorigenesis of these lesions is important.

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Jun 5, 2014