Morality and Its Relation to Political Ideology: The Role of Promotion and Prevention Concerns.

1Columbia University, New York, NY, USA.
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin (Impact Factor: 2.52). 05/2013; DOI: 10.1177/0146167213489036
Source: PubMed

ABSTRACT Our research investigated whether promotion concerns with advancement and prevention concerns with security related to moral beliefs and political ideology. Study 1 found that chronic prevention and promotion focus had opposite relations to binding foundation endorsement (as measured by the Moral Foundations Questionnaire), that is, positive for prevention and negative for promotion, and opposite relations to political ideology, that is, more conservative for prevention and more liberal for promotion, and the relation between focus and political ideology was partially mediated by binding foundation endorsement. Study 2 showed that promotion and prevention, even as situationally induced states, can contribute to differences in binding foundation endorsement, with prevention producing stronger endorsement (compared with a control) and promotion producing weaker endorsement.