The Effect of Price, Brand Name, and Store Name on Buyers' Perceptions of Product Quality An Integrative Review

Journal of Marketing Research 08/1989; XXVI(August 1989):351-57.

ABSTRACT The authors integrate previous research that has investigated experimentally the influence of price, brand name, and/or store name on buyers' evaluations of prod¬uct quality. The meta-analysis suggests that, for consumer products, the relation¬ships between price and perceived quality and between brand name and perceived quality are positive and statistically significant. However, the positive effect of store name on perceived quality is small and not statistically significant. Further, the type of experimental design and the strength of the price manipulation are shown to significantly influence the observed effect of price on perceived quality.

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    ABSTRACT: The Spanish brewing industry is a main economic sector and a major activity in the agrifood area; however, there are few studies regarding the analysis of brand equity in this product. This study aims to analyze brand equity for both a domestic beer brand—Estrella Galicia—and an imported beer brand—Carlsberg. For this purpose a quantitative study is carried out among consumers in order to assess the sources or dimensions of brand equity and its consequences, comparing the 2 brands present in the Spanish market. Results obtained suggest a better evaluation of the domestic brand and reveal that brand loyalty and perceived quality are the dimensions with a higher relevance in beer brand equity
    Journal of International Food & Agribusiness Marketing 08/2013; 25(4):324-347.
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    ABSTRACT: This study seeks to demonstrate the impact of sales promotion and advertising simultaneously on consumer's purchasing behaviour. It requires several months to accumulate data and information through questionnaire, surveys, site visits and walk-thorough investigations which are the primary basis of this study work. This study found out that sales promotion is most effective on the consumers who travel through the peripheral route and it can leads the consumer's mind to brand switching. This study also found that sales promotion and advertising is much more effective in low involvement category products where a simple promotional signal can lead the consumers to buy a product. This study also suggests to the marketers to be aware of the new or unknown product, as sales promotion could have strong negative effects on consumers' internal price reference and perceived quality. This work also highlights the importance of integrating the advertising with different promotional activities to improve the growth of sales of a product.
    World Journal of Social Sciences. 07/2013; 3(4):183-194.
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    Dataset: ALX-Final