Traffic light system for healed venous leg ulcer monitoring

Surrey Community Health.
British journal of community nursing 09/2012; Suppl(9):S6, S8, S10 passim. DOI: 10.12968/bjcn.2012.17.Sup9.S6
Source: PubMed


The purpose of this paper is to introduce the conceptualisation and evolution of a trialed Doppler traffic light system for healed venous leg ulceration. This tool aims to facilitate clinical decision-making and provides a systematic approach to the ongoing assessment of arterial disease in patients with healed venous leg ulcers when used in conjunction with other purposely-designed assessment documentation to ensure the novice registered and unregistered nurse contributes safely and effectively to the care of patients. The validation and trial of this clinical decision tool is discussed in terms of the use of a recognised methodology determining its fitness for purpose and robustness.

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