Interface properties of SiOxNy layer on Si prepared by atmospheric-pressure plasma oxidation-nitridation

Nanoscale Research Letters (Impact Factor: 2.78). 05/2013; 8(1):201. DOI: 10.1186/1556-276X-8-201
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SiOxNy films with a low nitrogen concentration (< 4%) have been prepared on Si substrates at 400°C by atmospheric-pressure plasma oxidation-nitridation process using O2 and N2 as gaseous precursors diluted in He. Interface properties of SiOxNy films have been investigated by analyzing high-frequency and quasistatic capacitance-voltage characteristics of metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors. It is found that addition of N into the oxide increases both interface state density (D
it) and positive fixed charge density (Q
f). After forming gas anneal, D
it decreases largely with decreasing N2/O2 flow ratio from 1 to 0.01 while the change of Q
f is insignificant. These results suggest that low N2/O2 flow ratio is a key parameter to achieve a low D
it and relatively high Q
f, which is effective for field effect passivation of n-type Si surfaces.

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