A Paradigm for the Application of Cloud Computing in Mobile Intelligent Tutoring Systems

04/2013; DOI: 10.5121/ijsea.2013.4205
Source: arXiv


Nowadays, with the rapid growth of cloud computing, many industries are going
to move their computing activities to clouds. Researchers of virtual learning
are also looking for the ways to use clouds through mobile platforms. This
paper offers a model to accompany the benefits of "Mobile Intelligent Learning"
technology and "Cloud Computing". The architecture of purposed system is based
on multi-layer architecture of Mobile Cloud Computing. Despite the existing
challenges, the system has increased the life of mobile device battery. It will
raise working memory capacity and processing capacity of the educational system
in addition to the greater advantage of the educational system. The proposed
system allows the users to enjoy an intelligent learning every-time and
every-where, reduces training costs and hardware dependency, and increases
consistency, efficiency, and data reliability.

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    ABSTRACT: Cloud computing is the new technology that has various advantages and it is an adoptable technology in this present scenario. The main advantage of the cloud computing is that this technology reduces the cost effectiveness for the implementation of the Hardware, software and License for all. This is the better peak time to analyze the cloud and its implementation and better use it for the development of the quality and low cost education for all over the world. In this paper, we discuss how to influence on cloud computing and influence on this technology to take education to a wider mass of students over the country. We believe cloud computing will surely improve the current system of education and improve quality at an affordable cost.
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    ABSTRACT: Todays, Intelligent and web-based E-Learning is one of the important area in E-Learning. This paper integrates an intelligent and web-based E-Learning with expert system technology to be able to model the learning styles of the learners using Jackson's model. It is intelligent because it can interact with the learners and offer them some subjects in Pedagogy view. Learning process of this system is in the following. First it determines learner's individual characteristics and learning styles based on a questionnaire in Jackson's learning styles profiler. Learning styles profiler is a modern measure of individual differences in learning style. Then learner's model is obtained and an Expert system simulator plans a "pre-test" and rates him. The concept would be presented if the learner scores enough. Subsequently, the system evaluates him by a "post-test". Finally the learner's model would be updated by the modeler based on try-and-error. The proposed system can be available Every Time and Every Where (ETEW) through the web. It improves the learning performance and has some important advantages such as high speed, simplicity of learning, low cost and be available ETEW.
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    ABSTRACT: Todays, Intelligent and web-based E-learning is one of regarded topics. So researchers are trying to optimize and expand its application in the field of education. The aim of this paper is developing of E-learning software which is customizable, dynamic, intelligent and adaptive with Pedagogy view for learners in intelligent schools. This system is an integration of adaptive web-based E-learning with expert systems as well. Learning process in this system is as follows. First intelligent tutor determines learning style and characteristics of learner by a questionnaire and then makes his model. After that the expert system simulator plans a pre-test and then calculates his score. If the learner gets the required score, the concept will be trained. Finally the learner will be evaluated by a post-test. The proposed system can improves the education efficiency highly as well as de-creases the costs and problems of an expert tutor. As a result, every time and eve-rywhere (ETEW) learning would be provided via web in this system. Moreover the learners can enjoy a cheap remote learning even at home in a virtual simulated physical class. So they can learn thousands courses very simple and fast.
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