L-asparaginase Production by a new isolate Bacillus aryabhattai strain ITBHU02 in solid state culture


The enzyme, L-asparaginase (L-asparagine amino hydrolase, EC, catalyzes L-
asparagine breakdown into aspartic acid and ammonia. In recent years, asparaginases have been
receiving meticulous attention because of their potential medicinal uses and application in food
industries. This study presents production of L-asparaginase by a new isolate Bacillus
aryabhattai Strain ITBHU02 on the solid surface of rice husk, wheat bran, rice bran, cotton seed
powder, coconut oil cake, and groundnut oil cake as substrates. Optimization of the solid state
fermentation media and parameters resulted in a 14% increase in the L-asparaginase activity.
Optimum L-asparaginase production 16.1 U/gds was observed on wheat bran supplemented with
1%, (w/w) yeast extract, 0.25%, (w/w) L-asparagine at pH 7.5, 100%, (v/w) initial moisture and
30°C after incubation 36 hrs.

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